EDP Open Innovation is an acceleration program for development of new business projects focused on technological innovation or business model innovation in the area of clean technologies in the energy sector. In partnership with Expresso, this program results from the alliance between Energia de Portugal and the EDP Innovation Awards (both running in Portugal and Brazil). Leveraging on this cross-border experience, this year it is time to open applications worldwide, with a selected jury from three EDP’s key geographies – Portugal, Spain and Brazil

Program Benefits

  • Pitch to EDP, investors and international startup community
  • Benefit from EDP’s innovation experience, as one of the main European energy company
  • Get spotted on the map
  • Test your solution in the real world
  • Transform your startup into a potential partner
  • Gain accessibility to big players within the energy industry
  • Accelerate your business experience
  • Run a Pilot with EDP


28th June - 10th September 2018

During a 3-month period, start-ups are invited to apply to have their ideas and projects analysed and evaluated by an international jury. Teams must present what they commit to develop over the acceleration program. Ten teams worldwide will be selected to take part in the EDP Open Innovation, a four week acceleration program in Lisbon


12th September - 25th September 2018

An intensive selection period will take place in which experts from EDP, with the support of Beta-i, will analyse each application received to finally come out with a list of 10 startups


17th October - 29th October 2018

The practical part of the competition follows, in which the applicants will have to face an intensive 2-week acceleration program, in the headquarters of Beta-i, in Lisbon, where they will work in close collaboration with experts from EDP in the development of a pilot to be implemented. This is the time for startups to further develop projects and create solid and structured foundations for their businesses. The teams will be able to test their solutions in the real world, find competitors, define the target market and make their solutions viable

Demo Day

30th October 2018

Finally, the Demo Day takes place, where each team will have five minutes to present the whole work they developed to EDP, investors, and international startup community


Clean Energy

Centralized and decentralized energy generation, distributed energy

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Smart Grids

Grid operations, load management solutions, energy management

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Energy Storage

Energy storage technologies and solutions, storage management and control

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Digital Innovation

Data analytics, AI, automation, IoT, Industry 4.0, cybersecurity

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Client-focused Solutions

Smart pricing and bundling, energy efficiency, increase electrification and energy access, new business models, e-mobility

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Our Mentors

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Paulo Libano Monteiro

Innovation & Technology @ EDP Distribution

Default pedro geraldes

Pedro Geraldes

Architect - Foundations and Structuring @ EDP Production

Default foto workplace2

Rui Brandão

International Projects @ EDP Production

Default transferir

Adriano Prates

Marketing and Sales @ EDP Commercial

Default img 4327  2

Filipe Lucas

@ Digital Global Unit

Default 036c767f 72f1 4c87 b369 c3929da8efa7

Mário Guerreiro

BigData & Analytics and Innovation Liaison @ Digital Global Unit

Default foto ps

Pedro Sebrosa

B2C Home Services @ EDP Commercial

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Pedro Geirinhas Rocha

Innovation & Technology @ EDP Commercial

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José Queirós de Almeida

EDP Smarthome @ EDP Commercial

Default foto

Pedro Fernandes

Digital Channels @ EDP Commercial

Default miguel patena

Miguel Patena

Development of International Projects @ EDP Production

Default luisoliveira

Luís Oliveira

Energy Services B2B @ EDP Commercial

Default foto gcb

Gonçalo Castelo Branco

Smart Mobility @ EDP Commercial

Default pn080618 5212

José Lobato Duarte

@ Digital Global Unit

Default 0

Luis M. Faria

Access to Energy @ EDP Renewables


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They already know how to make money

Understand what taking the Expresso and EDP acceleration programme means for start-ups. In addition to the €50,000 prize

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Alone in the crowd. The anguish of leaders

Being at the head of a start-up is an exercise that demands a lot from the founder, with potentially serious personal and professional costs if not addressed in the right way. But you can keep the equilibrium

Who's backing me up

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Beta-i is an organization created to boost entrepreneurship, and its mission is to foster a true innovation culture. We help new and established businesses grow.

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Founded in January, 6, 1973 by Francisco Pinto Balsemão, Expresso has, over the years, become one of the reference newspapers in the Portuguese media landscape.

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