We live in the age of innovation in the energy sector. Renewable power has been growing significantly over the last decade and EDP has been a leader of this clean energy revolution. The integration of IT and communication technologies with the secular distribution grid has been the key to allow the growing penetration of renewable power and to maximize the potential for energy efficiency. Solar generation at households, growingly combined with static storage, and integrated management of the loads of electrical devices is the future of energy retail. Electric cars are growing exponentially and will be the reference in mobility, in another re-shaping of the relationship between energy customers and utilities. A brand new energy world emerges, where service comfort, mobility, sustainability and economy will be powered by a multitech approach supported in emerging IoT, machine learning and big data technologies. We are strong believers in open innovation. We work with universities, scientific institutions, startups, value chain suppliers and many other innovation sources. We partner with entrepreneurs, large corporate business angels, venture capital funds and other investors. We make available a set of tools that include funding, management support and a business oriented test base with international footprint. We are committed to maintain EDP at the forefront of energy innovation. We invite you to share our vision and become a part of this ecosystem.

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