Starter Acceleration Program was designed to connect EDP and startups from all over the world. Selected startups will have the opportunity to engage with EDP in one of the modules of 3-5 days happening in Europe, Latin America or North America. The best startups from each module will have the opportunity to join EDP in Lisbon for the Grand Finale on the largest tech conference in the world, Web Summit.

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Program Benefits

We are looking for startups to work together with EDP with new solutions that can contribute to the transformation of the energy sector. This is your opportunity to gain traction and generate business with EDP.

  • A chance to test your solution in the energy sector in partnership with EDP
  • Input, feedback and insight into your product/ service and business
  • Access to a wider pool of mentors and experts matched to your unique requirements
  • Time to develop a relevant proof of concept with senior stakeholders
  • The opportunity to grow your network within global energy sector
  • Potential investment by EDP Ventures

Applications Open

2nd April - 13th May


Selection Completed

25th May


Module Europe

17th - 21st June


Module Latin America

15th - 19th July


Module North America

9th - 14th September


Grand Finale and Web Summit





Our main focus is the development of solutions that stimulate the relationship with the customer, simplifying his life and anticipating his needs. We have a strong interest in solutions that increase the electrification and promote the energy efficiency. Some examples are e-mobility, decentralized energy systems or energy management systems, always with a solid digital layer to boost new business models and new revenue streams.

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Data Leap area focus on data collecting, extracting value from it, maintain it safe and leveraging on cloud computational resources and other emerging technologies. We are looking for startups with solutions in five digital vectors: Big Data platforms (to crunch data through batch or streaming methods), Machine Learning (applied in distinctive energy challenges), Cyber-security (boosted by Machine Learning), leverage on cloud computing (and develop expertise on cloud big players products/architecture and on private clouds) and gain knowledge on potential disruptive emergent technologies.

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Storage is becoming one of the most important components of power generation, distribution, and consumption management. Efficient and cost effective storage is the next hurdle that needs to be overcome in the move to a higher penetration of renewable energy in the grid. We are is deeply interested to find startups that could help us in the improvement of energy storage technologies, design and optimization tools for energy storage integration, preventive and predictive analytics for energy storage technologies, management of systems and platforms for energy storage and DER integration, energy storage solutions for behind the meter residential and C&I, solutions for electrical vehicles and more.

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As one of the leaders in the renewable energy sector, we are fully committed to working on solutions based in the following fields: New renewable energy technologies (solar, wind, wave and other resources). New retrofitting technologies to improve Renewable Energy generation assets’ performance. Solutions to improve energy generation Operations & Maintenance and asset management. Solutions to improve resilience and flexibility of renewable energy sources. New business models for the energy sector.

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The smart grids group works in cooperation with EDP’s distribution infrastructure business units to make the distribution grids an enabler and a promoter of energy innovation, making sure that its central role in the energy system meets the needs of the new energy world. Our main assignments are support distribution business units in the identification and early adoption of technologies that improve the infrastructures technical and economic efficiency; keep the distribution grid up to date with the sector’s emerging needs.

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We are committed in contributing to the achievement of the Sustainable Development Goals undertaken by the United Nations, namely by helping to transform the way energy is produced, distributed and consumed. Access to energy (A2E) is a necessary condition to break the poverty cycle, allowing the social and economic development of remote rural areas. Electrical energy is crucial for health, education, water and agriculture, income generation and community projects. We are looking for solutions that could help us in our commitment.

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We also seek solutions for EDP's internal challenges, companies that can support in the areas such as: finance, legal, management, human resources, marketing and others. Solutions like: workflows, deal flows and similar.

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Our Mentors

About us

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We live in the age of innovation in the energy sector. Renewable power has been growing significantly over the last decade and EDP has been a leader of this clean energy revolution.

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EDP Starter

EDP Starter is the Startup Engagement platform of the EDP Group

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ACE is one of the pioneers in the entrepreneurial ecosystem in Brazil, since 2012 we put our efforts into helping big corporations and startups becoming exponential organizations.

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L Marks

L Marks is a firm specializing in applied corporate innovation and an early stage investor

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The objective of the R & D Program is to adequately allocate human and financial resources in projects that demonstrate the originality, applicability, relevance, and economic viability of products and services in the processes and end uses of energy.

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