The Team

Our Mentors

Default luis ferreira

Luís Ferreira

Head of Energy Efficiency & Electric Mobility

Default ricardo prata

Ricardo Prata

Head of Assets and Data Analysis

Default pdf

Pedro Daniel Ferreira

Technology Expert | AI & Data Innovation

Default mario simoes

Mário Simões

Technology Expert | Energy Storage

Default nuno rodrigues

Nuno Rodrigues

Technology Expert | Smart Grids

Default dn

Daniel Nascimento

Investment Associate | EDP Ventures

Default mentor tiago moura antunes

Tiago Moura Antunes

EDP Innovation - Client-focused Solutions

Default lurdes gramaxo

Lurdes Gramaxo

Busy Angels

Default mentor diogo stradioto

Diogo Stradioto

Energy Efficiency Brazil

Default mentor silvio andrade

Silvio Andrade

Digital Transformation Brazil

Default mentor nuno pinto

Nuno Pinto

Customer Relation Brazil

Default mentor miguel

Miguel Patena

EDP Produção

Default 20140117  paf6258

João Mendes


Default hugo face informal

Hugo Pereira

Mogope, Kendall, Shilling, U.hub

Default francisco fp 1078x450 702x336

Francisco Ferreira Pinto

Busy Angels

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